It's not about the end,it's about the journey

Finally,I failed to keep the start-up company running.

At about 10 months ago I was talking with my homie,That was a shisha chilling night.
He spent hours coming towards me,for drinking.The reason was that he just made lots of money in weeks,became a millionare,overnight.

And after months later,We became partner and thinking just one question:How many companies gonna to be
picked by us for financing ?

This sweet dream became nightmare soon of later.And It stayed with me every single long night.Over months…

Taste the achivement( first quarter 2018 )

I quitted my job at the start of this year,with my teammates we trying to build a mobile-end exchange for people to exchange digital assets base on BlockChain. At the early time before we left the company,We always sitting together in the StarBucks working from early morning till late night.Finally we built our team and successfully we published our first version application base on BitShares as a mobile exchange in our website.
After the first moment we published our app,a few investors trying to signing Stock Acquisition contract with us,but we refused as we thought the value can be higher.

Rainstorm Arrived

We did earn a lot from the Bitcoin and other digital assets at the first few months.And we thinking prices would getting higher and higher.
And after the bitcoin’s price reached over about $17000.It fell down quickly.As we held a lot of it,we lost a lost.Meanwhile our users leaving cause the bad market.We tried lots of different diretions,but did not work.

It’s not about the end

The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.
Well,At least,I tasted the success.I tried to follow my heart and chased my dreams.You know,Life is a fu**king movie.
There are lots of rules or guidelines I can share about running a company,But I don’t think it work for others.

  • I will not give up,although It’s cold outside,angle can still fly.