Open Water license in Philippine Puerto Galera

haha,so now I get an open water license,can not wait to get the advanced one.

It’s been nice days and very interesting.
As Chinese New Year vacation,I decide spending my holiday for diving.

Prepared to take off at late night 03:20 am at GZ baiyun airport.And card games before boarding.

Thinking Asian Air is really good for budgets cutting though seats and equipments might be not as good as others.
And I heard a really nice song in before taking off,called Jealous.
So here we go in manila.We choosed to take a taxi from Manila to Batangas rather than by bus.

It took us about almost 2h to Batangas,and guess what happened!I forgot to take my luggage and leaving it at the airport exchange!!So I need to take the taxi back.
Thank god,It was put at Lost and Found Office,so lucky I can find it back!!!

So finally I catched the last ship from Batangas to Pureto Galera.

And next day start my diving trip.

Nice Breakfast scenary facing the whole sea view.

Pictures taken while diving.

Arm-wrestling game in the bar with guys hahaha.

And also Pictures taken with my homies and new friends.

My diving classmate and instructor~~ two very nice girls

finally got my license,so happy!

And What a coincidence,come across my high school classmate Sumi at the airport,we taking the same flight back.

When you really want something,
all the universe will conspire in helping you to achive it.

2019 Cheer up!