Surfing&&Sun Tanning in Bali

Bali is so beautiful and actually it’s like a paradise! I spent a wonderful week here and learnt surfing,it’s really cool!

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is a good place to surfing ,the waves are good to surf there.And people are very nice,especially my coach Evan,he’s very nice and help me successfully standing in the waving boards in just one hour!

![]( 图像-C7782AAF37E5-4.jpg)

Bars around SkyGarden

Well,SkyGarden is the best bar in Kuta  I think,The cheap and good buffet and free drinks save us a lot of money except our weight,It’s really good here dancing after a little drunk.But the truth is I am a really really bad dancer.

![]( 图像-D8E7F245D6E4-8.jpg)


beautiful scenary,dream beach and The Devil’s Tear


Gorgeous place!It’s the most beautiful view I’ve ever seen,It’like a paradise!

Talah lot

Also a good place to go,the sunset is good here.


Shisha Temple chilling….
![]( 图像-C7782AAF37E5-3.jpg)


It’s really cute and it’s definitely a dollar bill sniper!

Back Way

reluctant to leave,Will come back here!